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Hearing loss news 2015, tinnitus sound therapy download - Review

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Conventional wisdom has long blamed age-related hearing loss almost entirely on the death of sensory hair cells in the inner ear, but research from neuroscientists at Johns Hopkins has provided new information about the workings of nerve cells that suggests otherwise. He found that the incoming nerve cells were indeed active and that their activity levels correlated with the animals' hearing abilities: The harder of hearing an animal was, the higher the activity of its incoming nerve cells. If the same phenomenon is occurring in human ears, Fuchs and his team say there may be ways of preventing the incoming nerve cells from forming new connections with inner hair cells, a technique that could help maintain normal hearing through old age. UNSW researchers have answered the longstanding question of how the brain balances hearing between our ears, which is essential for localising sound, hearing in noisy conditions and for protection from noise damage.

The loss of a critical receptor in a special class of inhibitory neurons in the brain may be responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and schizophrenia, according to new research by Salk scientists. Action on Hearing Loss Scotland are holding their annual ‘Ladies That Lunch’ event at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow on the 25th October 2015. June 2, 2015—(Philadelphia, PA) On Sunday, June 7, 2015, Clarke students and alumni will celebrate the start of summer at the Flourtown Swim Club with games, races, a Family BBQ and DJ Dance Party.
Because these connections normally tamp down hearing when an animal is exposed to loud sound, the scientists think these new connections could also be contributing to age-related hearing loss in the mice, and possibly in humans.

Not surprisingly, Fuchs notes, a loss of outer hair cells closely correlates with a loss of hearing.

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