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The Hearing Loss Association of America and the HLAA New York City Chapter are thrilled that Council Member Helen Rosenthal has introduced three bills which would give equal access to public meetings to those with hearing loss. For too long, people with hearing loss have been essentially left outside the meeting room doors, because they were unable to hear the proceedings. It’s long past time that an ADA coordinator position was established to help all people with disabilities get the access they need in New York City. Twenty-five years after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with hearing loss have still not been able to become full partners in city government. We applaud Council Member Rosenthal and thank her for her leadership in promoting equal access for people with hearing loss.
Advocates worked with Council Member Rosenthal to promote equal access for people with hearing loss. Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) is collaborating with law enforcement agency in Missouri and has received the endorsement of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association to produce Visor Communication Cards to increase better understanding and improve communication between Police Officers and the Deaf and Hard of hearing people in Missouri.
The HLAAKC Chapter is excited to have implemented the new HLAA Unified Membership Program in our continuing effort to work together with the HLAA headquarters to expand membership and build a strong, vibrant Kansas City chapter.
Mention of goods or services in advertisements does not imply Hearing Loss Association of America endorsement, nor should exclusion suggest disapproval.
Hearing Loss Association of America- Kansas City asks YOU to choose from two dates for a summer coffee & yogurt social at Scooters on the County Club Plaza.

Let’s get louder, attend this Open Caption movie and show KC how much not only people with hearing loss need or enjoy captions! Join Hearing Loss Association of America Kansas City Chapter for a demo of InnoCaption and Inno CapTalk.
We told them that it’s vital that public health programs have access to data that includes people with hearing loss. Even when announcements were made that hearing accommodations would be provided, we were often left to guess whether they would be in place, or working when we got there. Taken together, these three bills go a long way toward ensuring equal access for people with hearing loss.
Hearing loss is the third major public health issue after diabetes and heart disease, yet this study fails to make any mention about hearing loss, or even explain why the study failed to examine the prevalence of hearing loss.
This event is for people with hearing loss, their family, friends and people who do not have hearing loss, but want to enjoy the performance because they support the open captions. You are our first connection to finding people who can learn about HLAA – Kansas City Chapter.
MCDHH is now releasing the Visor Communication Cards for the Deaf, Oral Deaf and Hard of Hearing. A deaf college student struggling to participate in class discussions with hearing classmates.

Consumers and professionals alike are aghast at the exclusion of people with hearing loss in a study administered by CDC. As a person who lost her hearing over thirty-five years of age, Valerie has experienced first-hand the struggles faced by all persons with disabilities to maintain employment, independence and full-participation in life.
This card can be kept in vehicles and shown to Police officers whenever a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Missourian is stopped on the road. Or a grandfather losing his hearing, trying to make out what his grandchildren are laughing about. If you are a person with hearing loss, there are things you can do ahead of time that will prepare you to let your treatment team know you have a hearing loss and increase your chances of getting the communication assistance you need.
We see this as just the first step to ensure that people with hearing loss are counted and there are voices heard.

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