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Hearing loss gun range, sleeping insomniac - Reviews

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It is estimated about one in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects the ability to understand normal speech.
Some are incredulous at this revelation, saying there is no way a gun is as loud as a jet engine. This means every shot fired has the potential of damaging the ears of anyone within close hearing range.
However, the specialized tissues of the nervous system—including brain functions and hearing—do not respond to abuse by rebuilding themselves to become stronger. Because hearing loss is painless and gradual, it can go unnoticed until the loss—or related symptoms—are quite severe. With hearing protection so high on the must-have list these days, most shooting ranges will have some form of hearing protection on hand for their customers. When I was approached by Guns & Ammo to write this piece, I hoped they wanted me on the job because of my witty prose and unquenchable enthusiasm for shooting.
My hearing loss is genetic in nature, which means there was nothing I could have done to avoid it. While it may be better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, I just can’t come up with any reason why losing hearing would be plus.
While Browning Buckmark Hearing Protectors are not a fancy pair of electronic muffs, they are tried-and-true muffs for the average shooter. Walker’s Game Ear Digital HD-X electronic earplugs are made specifically for hunters who need optimal hearing protection for long periods of time.
Las Vegas, NV-- Former KTNV Channel 13 reporter Christina Brown has filed a law suit over a hearing loss suffered during a story she did about Metro officer’s firearms training. GALVESTON - A local shooting range seeks discovery responses from a Hitchcock woman who filed suit against it over alleged permanent hearing loss.The Arms Room LLC submitted a motion to compel Aug.
Most experts agree you would have to be exposed to eight continuous hours of noise at 85 dB to cause permanent hearing loss, but sound spikes of 130 dB or more can cause permanent damage instantly.
Many people think losing hearing is like turning down the volume on a television set; all the sounds get softer and softer until you hear nothing at all. The obvious answer is to use hearing protection devices like sound muffling earplugs and earmuffs.

First, the noise tends to travel forward of the muzzle, so the shooter’s ears are not always hit by as much noise as the gun produces.
The basic clamp-over-the-ear units can run from $10-40, providing the same 25-31 dB levels of hearing protection as the foam plugs. Ear protection is far too easy to obtain and use for anyone to have a good reason to gamble with their hearing.
When I was in the police academy in the late 70's, one Friday afternoon we drove to a range where we were going to fire the shotgun. It just so happens shooting firearms is a popular activity that subjects its participants to noise levels intense enough to cause permanent hearing loss, unless the proper precautions are employed.
The sound of a gunshot only lasts for a fraction of a second, but in that short time, it’s very loud.
The cheapest form of hearing protection at pennies apiece are the disposable foam earplugs, which usually provide somewhere between 25-31 dB of hearing protection. A popular option in really noisy areas like the indoor ranges is to use both plugs and muffs.
You see, I have a moderate-to-severe bilateral hearing loss of over 60 dB in the 500 to 2,000 hertz range, along with symptoms of tinnitus. I was careful to protect my hearing before the loss, but I’m religious about taking care of what I have left now. This means you can hear that trophy buck long before you would with other plugs while simultaneously protecting your hearing. What loud noises can do is punch holes in your hearing at certain spots along the frequency line. However, if you are around noise loud enough to cause your ears to ring, it’s a good indicator that your hearing is in danger of damage.
Second, the purpose of hearing protection devices is not to eliminate sound, but to reduce the impact to a level that does not cause lasting damage.
Reusable rubber-type plugs are also available, ranging from $5-15, depending on the make and model. Prices for these systems range from as little as $50 to thousands of dollars, depending on what you’re looking for.

That means I wear hearing aids in both ears to help me understand what people have to say, and I have ringing in my ears.
The last I checked, you can start protecting it for as little as 25 cents (foam plugs) per trip to the range. ProEars offers a five-year warranty, so you can be sure your hearing is adequately protected for the long haul. When we arrived it was found that the instructors forgot to bring the hearing protectors so they asked the class if anyone wanted to wait two hours while someone went back and retrieved them.
I know one sportsman who was shooting a particular gun almost every weekend for several seasons without hearing protection. These are expensive, but an ideal option for those who spend a lot of time at the shooting range or on duty.
Of course everyone wanted to go home so we ended up shooting 10 rounds with no hearing protection. Yes, and they’re a real bargain at $1,400-3,000 apiece, plus the cost of replacement every three years or so, batteries, maintenance, service charges, and hearing checks.
Army officials forced me and my basic training company comrades shoot M-14 rifles at Fort Leonard Wood, MO with no hearing protection whatsoever in 1968. Please, always wear the strongest rated hearing protection while on the range because the damage is irreversible.
A few years later the range officer in my district decided that we would conduct one of our semi-annual qualifications with no hearing protection, to simulate what it would be like in a real encounter. Not just that, but you can be guaranteed the officers there would have told her to wear hearing protection.

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