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In older age, mild hearing loss is much more common and, to date, less is known about how genes contribute to this, though there is research in this area. A genetic change may have been inherited from further back in the family or may have occurred in that individual for the first time. Most of these genetic causes of deafness affect the inner ear and the mechanisms that change sound waves in the air into the electrical signals that are passed to the brain through the hearing nerves. Genetic testing is only one part of identifying the cause of hearing loss and it is not yet possible to test for changes in the majority of genes that can cause deafness. It is more difficult to give an approximate chance if both parents are deaf themselves and you would need to ask to see a genetics professional. Because of this 9 out of 10 deaf children are born to hearing parents and 1 out of 10 children born to deaf parents are also deaf.

A consultation with a genetics professional will involve putting together all the information available through the family history, examination and other tests such as heart and kidney checks as well as any relevant genetic tests.
Protein-1 declines with age and hearing loss in mice: (A) Correlation of hearing test to the gene expression of GABA-A receptor associated protein like 1.
This helps to identify other family members at risk for hearing loss and to provide treatment for those relatives at an early age. This also means that there can be a lot of complicated genetic ideas and terminology to explain during an appointment. Occasionally, it is possible to find a treatable cause of the hearing loss and prevent further loss. Of those cases with a genetic cause, one third has a syndromic link where the deafness is found with other signs or health problems.

If your first or preferred language is Auslan or a spoken language other than English, you should ask before the appointment for an accredited interpreter to be present and preferably one who has experience of interpreting for genetic counselling appointments. This type of deafness is thought to sometimes have a genetic cause, but less is known about it at the time of writing.

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