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Hearing aids widex, ringing in right ear numbness - How to DIY

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Widex is a Danish company with Widex UK headquarters in Chester where all their custom in-ear hearing aids are made using the latest 3D modelling software and laser moulding techniques for high precision results. Widex were one of the first manufacturers to offer digital technology in hearing aids and are now leaders in developing digital technology and taking it to new levels. Widex also use one of the fastest and most powerful microchips in the hearing aid industry, and they have the smallest fully 1. The latest premium range of Widex hearing aids is called 'Widex Dream' and runs on one of the fastest and most powerful microchips in the hearing aid industry - True ISP (Integrated Signal Processor).

All Widex DREAM hearing aids are wireless compatible, including the CIC's (although this can make them slightly bigger). Widex Menu - Using the True-ISP platform technology Widex have introduced 3 levels of Widex MENU (3+, 5 and 10).
If you want wireless connectivity opt for Widex Dream, if you do not need wireless connectivity then opt for Widex Menu.
So the Passion is for those who want very advanced hearing aids but who are still conscious of the way a hearing aid looks; the Widex Fusion is for those who want ALL the bells and whistles or who have more severe hearing loss and need extra power.

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