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Some companies are starting to offer more affordable hearing aids, both online and on the high street. Steve has been steadily losing his hearing since the age of 5 and now has a severe bilateral hearing loss.
The information contained on this web site is presented for the purpose of educating people on hearing loss, hearing aid usage and surrounding issues. Always consult with your doctor or hearing care provider before purchasing a hearing aid or undertaking any kind of treatment. A few years ago I tried to search the web to find hearing aid info and was frustrated by the lack of it - what I did find was either marketing blurb or overly technical science. Types Of Hearing AidsThe latest technology focuses on digital hearing aids devices and the old analogue ones are fast becoming a thing of the past. The behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is still the most inexpensive but its also the biggest and gets fitted over the ear. The progress allows for increasing numbers of sophisticated features to be built into the hearing aids and providing improved sound reproduction. The most advanced modern digital hearing aids are constantly analysing the sounds of your environment and changing between built-in programmes, automatically selecting the appropriate programming mode for the specific situation. The entire sound reproduction is constantly adapted by the hearing aids to provide you with the best possible hearing. This is the first of a series of articles that explores the relationship between the stubbornly high prices of hearing aids, and the "Big 6" manufacturers that have failed to stop continued hearing aid price increases. In our last article, we discussed some anecdotal suggestions that hearing aid dispensers in California are likely working far below full capacity.
This is part one of a three part series discussing evidence for the inefficient traditional market for hearing aids. My younger brother wears a pair of open ear BTE hearing aids due to high frequency hearing loss and his new pair only cost 3500 which while expensive was less than half the cost of his much less sophisticated pair we bought in the late 90s though they were the molded ear insert style BTEs. As one who is also afflicted with severe hearing loss, I’d like to say thanks for posting this interesting explanation of hearing aids. As my hearing function is diminishing due to age ( early 70s) and not wearing ear protectors while operating chainsaws, working on racing two-stroke motorcycles fitted with the usual expansion-box exhaust systems, etc, I found the article very useful and informative.
In response to Extremist’s question as to the nature of recurring costs, in my experience (with declining hearing) I have to have at least an annual visit to my audiologist to retest my hearing and re-calibrate the aids. As someone recently diagnosed with loss of higher-frequency hearing, I must admit to being horrified by the NZ$5000 (about US$4200) price-tag on the recommended OTE hearing aids.

Anthony: thanks for the interesting thread – without personal knowledge it’s easy to overlook that hearing aids are actually fine-tuned, precision, instruments. The telly show How It’s Made has shown how fiddly and intricate making hearing aids can be.
I still have reasonably good hearing, but I also recognize that I’ve had adequate noise exposure to reduce my hearing even more than age would indicate as I get older.
I don’t think most people realize how much better the new digital hearing aids are compared to the older analog types.
I am a beekeeper and the first time I worked my bees, I put my veil on and I had my hearing aids in. It’s not difficult to see that I could easily have been on my 3rd set of hearing aids.
I have 1 remaining, still in the box hearing aid and I am getting ready to buy a third set for backup. I don’t know about the technology currently used in hearing aids, but the technology of silicon microprocessors has made great strides lately.
My guess is that of the $3,500 for a hearing aid, something like $3000 is pure profit shared between the manufacturer and vendor. As a former certified ASHA-certified Audiologist and now hearing-impaired senior, I appreciate your comments. Because hearing aids have been so expensive for so long the common thinking is that they are expensive because they need to be, because they are high-tech or because they are difficult to make and fit. Nothing contained on this website should be used for medical diagnosis or treatment and it should not be used in place of medical advice from your doctor or hearing professional. Since digital hearing aids are controlled by a microchip it can be programmed to suit your exact hearing levels which makes it extremely effective.
Construction of aids is done by hand by technicians, especially with the popular ITC (in the canal) aids. Maybe you should take them up on their offer since you certainly seem to be knowledgeable about what hearing aids you want!
My own hearing was wrecked in an attack thirteen years ago, and from being my most acute sense by a margin has become only a distressing source of pain, so I have been through the surprisingly complex process of trying to tune aid to ear myself – sadly, with little useful effect in my case. My father and grandfather really struggled with their hearing aids, (which weren’t cheap) My sister and I deeply appreciate how much well these DSP hearing aids compensate for our hearing loss.
He has achieved remarkable BTE package equivalent to my present device for a quarter the price, plus end user programmability and other bits and pieces.

Hearing aids are constantly being refined and developed to provide better reproduction of natural human hearing. Just throwing in a simple linear amplifier is destructive to the remaining hearing due to the sound pressure levels involved.
As long as we have a competitive, free market in devices and services we will have a market price. I don’t think Starkey contracted with Fort Bragg to loose money and Medicare and Tri-Care for Life pay nothing for aids. If you are like most people then your gut-feeling is that the $1200 hearing aid is much better than the $100 one simply because it is more expensive. While the price itself seems exorbitant, what is even more grotesque is its continuous pace of growth: in the last decade the price of an average Behind the Ear hearing aid has more than doubled.
While germanium was once very common for transistors and some early integrated circuits, it has fallen out of favor in the microelectronics hearing aid world. Now many aids are getting features like frequency equalizers and DSP noise reductions that we take for granted in even the cheapest silicon based consumer electronics. These aids had a one year customer satisfaction money back warrenty that my wife used to replace the more expensive in the ear aids with the more comfortable BTE with simple tube fits. To the present day, price points are not receding — even though most of its digital components have become increasingly commoditized. There are only a handful of sources and companies now that work with germanium, thus the base price is higher due to this scarcity.
Additionally, if the mold doesn’t maintain a seal to the inner ear properly the hearing aid will go into oscillatory feedback. Sometimes aids are rejected because the user isn’t comfortable with the fitting, and then the aids go back to the factory for either a new ear mold, new electronics, or both. Hence, price has increased with complexity, but there’s still the high cost of custom special chips, and lots of labor.

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