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Usually when users sign in to a hearing check they are asked a number of questions prior to having to listen to varying tones. Certain online assessment tools can help hard of hearing people determine their risk for developing ear ringing, also known as tinnitus.
While the world has not reached the era of overcoming hearing loss, we live in times of advanced technology and there are innovative tools developed to recognise the condition and its intensity.

If someone finds that they have been turning up the volume on the television, are told that they often speak too loudly, or they often ask others to repeat themselves (or even worse – they find that they frequently miss important words or sentences and are reluctant to respond), they may have hearing loss.
People with normal hearing will understand virtually all of the questions in the test while those with hearing loss may not. Spending a few moments, however, on a simple online hearing test can assess the suspected hearing impairment and indicate if there are problems with hearing that may need to be examined by a professional.

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