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Exploding head syndrome can lead to sleeping as well as psychological problems such as a panic disorder and depression. There is a similar condition in which people awaken suddenly because they hear a loud noise in their head. It is certainly wise to seek medical attention the first time this occurs, especially if it is associated with a headache, because headaches are not a common feature of this disorder.
If the headache is severe and persists, then indeed hemorrhagic stroke is a possibility and emergency services should be sought. If many episodes occur in a night or if they are clustered in a time period of days or weeks, then patients can have disrupted sleep and insomnia. I had it last night (it was like a long and unusual horn sound), and I also had a week before (like an explosion). Loud noises that wake you up out of sleep, I believe are associated with glitches in the temporal lobe.

I experience headache many years already when waking up with noise of banged door and high volume verbally demanding response. Patients become concerned that even if the bomb in their head was not a stroke in the past, perhaps it is a symptom foretelling a stroke. However, the symptom would usually not occur only at sleep onset or when awakening, as is the case with exploding head syndrome. I awoke to what I thought was an explosion and dove off the bed towards the closet and smacked headfirst into the wall. When I got out of my bed and ran out of room, fell down the stairs in the dark, when I looked up I saw my mother and my dog staring at me, it was then that I realize that it was just a dream.What a nightmare!!! The bang was then quickly followed by a weird whooshing noise and my heart was pounding out of my chest. The explosion only happens when I'm dozing off in the morning after a night of insomnia.

I will jerk awake in the middle of the night absolutely convinced a gun has gone off or something has crashed loudly to the floor. It does startle me, but since I know it's just in my head and harmless, I just roll over and go back to sleep. The dogs, cats and husband were all still fast asleep which made me realize the sound came from inside my head.

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