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When Nicole Witts complained to her GP about excruciating headaches she was told it was sinusitis. Over the course of five months, Nicole, 37, a mother of two, saw eight different doctors who came up with a range of diagnoses - including post-natal depression - but all of them failed to spot the truth: Nicole had a brain tumour. Many of these are not cancerous - which can spread elsewhere; instead, they are benign growths that have formed around vital areas of the brain. Nicole, pictured after surgery, was told the tumour was almost certainly benign, but it was huge and would need a nine-hour operation to remove 'Each doctor I saw had a different theory about what was wrong with me.
Nicole, with her husband Gary and her daughters, has a 30 per cent chance of the tumour returningIn December an increasingly worried Nicole, went back to the surgery to see another GP about this. A brain tumour can stop the hormone that switches off the production of breast milk reaching the pituitary gland in the brain.

Nicole needed major surgery to remove the tumour and had to be transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in North London. Nicole and her husband are now fundraising for Brain Tumour Action, which aims in part to help raise awareness of brain tumours among the public and medics. Around 16,000 people in the UK develop a primary brain tumour each year and around 3,500 people die as a result, often because the tumour is detected too late for it to be treated effectively. Continuing to produce milk for months after a woman has stopped breastfeeding should have been another key sign for doctors of a possible brain tumour. Her short-term memory has been affected because the tumour damaged the part of the brain which is responsible.
However, I don't bear a grudge against the doctors who missed my tumour, and I'm not angry.

By early December there were more warning signs - Nicole had started to hear music in her head. It wasn't like a tune that you can't out of your head - it was like really loud music, as if someone was playing a radio right by my ear.

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