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Going deaf in one ear at night, fatigue sleepiness and headaches - Reviews

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Jess was told her hearing loss was most probably due to viral labyrinthitis — a swelling of the labyrinth or inner ear, caused by a viral infection.
I think so too, I tried it with numerous other earbuds and the left just won’t be knocking as much as the left one. The Real Hustle and I’m A Celebrity star — who has been voted one of the world’s most desirable women — was at home in London with her then boyfriend. I assumed this was a result of my deafness and that nothing could be done.I became cautious with alcohol, as it made things more difficult - on New Year's Eve, I had a glass of champagne and nearly fell over. A few hours later when the ringing wore off, she realised her hearing in that ear had gone.‘It was so quick,’ recalls Jess, now 27, who recently married hairdresser Lee Stafford.

But I accepted the explanation and carried on as normal.A few years later, in early 2014, now working in London as a TV researcher on food programmes, I realised my hearing had become worse.
I was once even turned away from a nightclub as the bouncer thought I was too 'smashed' to be allowed in, yet I'd had only two glasses of wine.Then came my fall - a serious warning sign that I didn't pick up on. My body felt like lead, and even the smallest actions took a huge mental effort.I remember one day just staring at my computer screen for four hours, unable to conjure up the energy even to move the mouse. After several hearing tests, he concluded I had severe hearing loss in my right ear, gave me a hearing aid and sent me on my way. In September 2014, I went to the loo during the night and on my way back reached out to hold the banister, missed, lost my balance and fell backwards down the stairs.

The impression I got was it was just one of those things, and would resolve itself.’However, her symptoms worsened. The specialist repeated the balance and hearing tests - and he was outraged.He said with such severe one-sided hearing loss it was unbelievable I hadn't been referred before.

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