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Food supplement drugs, main causes for tinnitus - Test Out

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Dietitian Kathy Allen holds up some dietary supplements at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla.
One quarter of supplements tested by an independent company over the last decade have had some sort of problem.
Other tests, reported in scientific journals, found prenatal vitamins lacking claimed amounts of iodine and supplements short on ginseng and hoodia — an African plant sparking the latest diet craze. Fifteen years ago, Congress passed a law that treats supplements like food and allows them to go straight to market without federal Food and Drug Administration approval. Until last year, supplement makers were not required to report problems to the FDA, and even now they must report only serious ones. Although many people take supplements with no apparent ill effects, there have been many quality problems that a consumer might never realize because they don't always produce symptoms.
Tests by California scientists of two dozen ginseng supplements, reported in a nutrition journal in 2001, found that many differed from their labels.

Last year, nearly 200 people were sickened by supplements containing up to 200 times the amount of selenium stated on the label. The FDA has repeatedly warned about herbal pills found to contain versions of Viagra and similar drugs to help men get an erection. In December, the FDA expanded warnings about dozens of brands of weight loss pills that contained prescription drugs not disclosed on labels. The agency estimates that more than 50,000 safety problems a year are related to supplement use. And in 2007, federal officials warned about a liquid herbal supplement sold for colic and teething pain after finding cryptosporidium, a waterborne parasite that causes severe diarrhea. However, pharmaceutical drugs must show evidence to the government of safety and effectiveness before they go on sale.
John's wort, promoted for depression, affects metabolism of more than half of all prescription drugs and can undermine birth control pills.

These supplements "appear to increase rates of the disease, particularly among smokers," the National Cancer Institute warns. Toxic metals and parasites are part of nature, and all of these have been found in "natural" products and dietary supplements in recent years. Other supplements that can interfere with medicines include glucosamine, saw palmetto, soy and valerian.

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