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Although eye strain can cause discomfort, it usually isn't serious and goes away once you rest your eyes. As many as 3.5m people in the UK could be driving with eyesight below the legal minimum - learn the facts about driving and the law. Digital eye strain mimics all of the typical eye strain symptoms, and these symptoms tend to appear after looking at screens for extended periods of time. Digital eye strain is actually the most common repetitive injury related to desk work, and that’s not really surprising when you think about it.

Looking at a monitor for a long time can strain your eyes or can make any other problems you are having with your eyes seem more noticeable. You may not be able to change the amount of time you’re in front of a computer at work, or the factors that can cause eye strain but you can take steps to reduce it.
For example, take a minute to stare out of the window.Looking far away relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye, which in turn reduces eye fatigue.
It’s a new way of making sure your glasses have the best lenses for your vision and lifestyle, as part of our commitment to expert eyecare.

The graphic below includes some great tips on how to protect yourself a bit from digital eye strain.

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