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TMJ is a disorder that affects the joints of the jaw, often as a result of excessive stress or pressure. Fortunately, there is effective treatment for TMJ and this in turn has the potential to eliminate your suffering from tinnitus.
If you are experiencing problems with your ears such as ringing in the ears, pain or difficulty hearing due to swelling do not automatically assume that it is only an ear problem. Eddie Siman provides Neuromuscular (TMJ) Dentistry to relieve migraines, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, ear pain, etc. For example, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw may eventually cause you to experience TMJ. There are two muscles that connect the jaw with the ear canal and when these muscles becoming irritated as a result of the information in the joints of the jaw, the condition can manifest itself in the ear as well as the jaw.
Your dentist in Racine can prescribe you with treatments that are proven to be effective against TMJ, such as mouthpieces that are designed to reduce or eliminate the pressure that is placed on your jaw while you are sleeping or during other times of the day. This causes a number of conditions such as ringing in the ears, ear pain and swelling that makes it difficult to hear normally.

You may be surprised to know that temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, may actually be responsible for the tinnitus that you are experiencing. Many things contribute to TMJ which can cause a great deal of pain in the jaw and may make it impossible for you to open and close your mouth normally.
This can often eliminate the problems that you are experiencing in your ear because they are directly related to your TMJ.
An appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for any patient can be made only by a treating dentist, physician, or group of doctors. You may be equally surprised to find that by successfully treating the TMJ, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the tinnitus as well.
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TMJ issues can involve the chewing muscles around this area as well.Many people who hear ringing in their ears make an appointment with their family doctor. After that has been uncovered, a plan for correction can be made, and TMJ pain may be relieved.

Unfortunately, if the source of the problem is the Temporomandibular joint and muscles, just a look inside your ears wouldn’t usually tell the whole story. The tensor levi palatini connects with the Eustachian tube and its function is to balance pressure found inside the inner ear.
This function is experienced when your ears become unplugged or congestion is released inside the ear. You might experience such pressure relief when chewing gum while traveling in an airplane.If the joints and muscles in your jaw are improperly aligned, the workload is increased for the entire TMJ region. The symptoms caused by this excess workload can seem to be solely stemming from within the ear in some cases, even though the source is not the ear itself.There is an extensive network of connections between muscles and nerves that traverse the entire jaw area.

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