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Ear damage from diving, manic depression treatment lithium - How to DIY

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Ear Barotrauma For DiversAs a Dive Medical Officer (DMO) in the military I’ve seen a lot of barotrauma. There are several areas that can be damaged by this pressure and the ears are a very common source. The pressure in the ears causes some damage which results in a level of bleeding that is generally equivalent to the amount of tissue damage and generally correlated to the pressures experienced.
After these pressures and damage there are often residual symptoms such as pain and pressure in the ear. Teed 4 – there is extensive hemorrhage (bleeding) within the middle ear and the tympanic membrane (TM) may rupture. Other therapies include oral and topical (nasal) decongestants, pain control, and avoiding diving until its healed.
Adrenaline junkie Justin Bieber has seen a setback in his singing career as a failed cliff dive into the ocean has left him with what doctors suspect is a ruptured ear drum.

After the accident, Justin took to Twitter to complain and explain to fans what happened, "Busted my ear drum cliff diving.
As messages of heartfelt concern and well-wishing began to pour, the doctors took a closer look at Justin's ear and gave a verdict.
For a musician, a person who makes his living off his voice and hearing, a busted ear drum is no joke. Since the story is still developing, there is no further information at this point, but you can be sure that if Justin is going to sustain long-term damage to his hearing, it's going to make the news. The sinus ostea, or ear openings, which lead into the Eustachian tubes, are normally wide open and are usually blocked only by very severe congestion.
If the tympanic membrane has ruptured, either due to diving or due to some other accident, you will need to wait until it has healed before diving again. There are a number of different ENT surgeries, both therapeutic and cosmetic, which are performed; middle ear surgery and inner ear surgery can keep you out of pressurized environments for months, and if you require surgery because of a previous dive injury, your doctor may advise you against diving at all.

If ear, nose, or throat issues are causing concern for you, be sure to discuss your concerns with your doctor and follow his or her advice.
At the moment, the extent of the damage to his ear is unknown, but the Canadian crooner has told his fans to expect delays in upcoming releases.
Depending on the gravity of the injury, Bieber might find himself with impaired hearing in the affected ear forever, or even a loss of hearing if the doctors can't patch up the ear drum. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest diving specials, scuba packages, dive tours, scuba diving courses, diving events, scuba contests, dive news and more!

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