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There’s no scientific evidence that candling has any real benefits, but there are a significant number of reports of burn injuries caused by the procedure. The ear candling procedure itself involves putting a hollow cone-shaped device or “candle,” typically made of linen or cotton soaked in wax or paraffin, in the ear canal, and lighting it on fire. After the candle burns down and is removed from the ear, a cotton swab is used to clean visible wax from the ear, and oil is sometimes applied as a finishing touch.
Proponents and practitioners of candling maintain the procedure removes wax and other impurities from the ear. Some practitioners offer proof of the success of the procedure by putting the still-warm candle in a bowl of water, claiming everything that floats free -- that isn’t obviously candle wax -- is ear wax, dead skin, toxins, and other debris. Other practitioners will offer proof by opening up a just-burned candle, claiming that the residue left behind is ear wax and debris from the client’s ear.
Ear candling is advertised as being helpful for hearing loss, inner ear pain, and relief of tinnitus. Removal of debris from the ear is based on the claim that the eardrum is porous and allows impurities to pass through.

As mentioned in the Laryngoscope article linked above, a 1996 survey of 144 ear, nose and throat physicians found that 10 percent had seen patients with injuries resulting from ear candling.
Despite the significant risks involved with the procedure, many people who perform ear candling for profit have no medical background and do not use otoscopes in order to avoid the legalities of practicing medicine without a license.
Aside from the fact that ear candling is a potentially dangerous practice with no proven benefits, even if candling could remove wax from the ear I would advise against it. The wax in your ears provides a coating that protects your inner ear against water and dust.
If wax in your ear becomes impacted, read here for steps you can take to remedy the situation. From all of my research it appears that ear candling doesn’t work as its proponents claim, and it actually has the potential to be quite dangerous. No one seems to know for certain, The Hopi Tribal Council has publicly stated that the Hopi people do not and have never practiced ear candling.
A paper plate or other collection device is placed above the ear, and the candle is inserted through a hole in the plate into the ear canal.

The process by which this purportedly happens is as the smoke moves down the candle into your ear and back out again, a vacuum is created that pulls out wax and other debris from your ear into the hollow candle. Claims also include that candling cleanses your ear canal, cures ear aches, relieves “fluid buildup,” and alleviates sinus pressure. The negative pressure required to force wax from your ear canal would need to be so powerful that it would rupture your eardrum in the process. These injuries included external burns, ear canal obstruction with candle wax, and even a perforated eardrum. For most of us, the wax moves through the ear canal and eventually makes it to the outside, taking any dirt and other accumulated matter with it. The same research also revealed that no ear wax was removed during candling, and that candle wax was actually deposited in some test subjects’ ears.

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