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Does nuvaring stop your period, the ringling museum hours - Within Minutes

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The NuvaRing releases the hormones estrogen and progesterone (the same as in the birth control pill) which prevent the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation).
You can decide whether or not you want to have your period when you are using the NuvaRing.
Conventional Use: Some doctors and the instructions that come with the NuvaRing may recommend that you leave it in for 21 days and then take a seven day break, which will cause your period to come.
Continuous Use: You can also simply leave the NuvaRing inside for 28-31 days and then change it without a break. If you can feel the ring slipping out, just use your finger to push it back into position in the top of your vagina.
If it is during the first or second week of using the NuvaRing: reinsert it and use a backup method (like condoms) until the NuvaRing has been in for a full seven days.
If it is during the third week of using the NuvaRing: you can either 1) insert a new ring immediately and begin a new cycle as if you are just starting a new ring (ie. If you took your NuvaRing out to have a period and forgot to put the next one in after 3-4 days, you are still protected if the NuvaRing has not been out for more than 7 days.
Like any hormonal birth control method, Nuva Ring is likely to cause lighter flow and shorter periods than you had before you started on it.
It is okay to skip your period when you are using hormonal contraception because the lining of the uterus does not grow as much and does not need to shed every month.

Many women therefore leave their NuvaRing in for 25 days and then take a three day break before putting their new one in, or 24 days with it in and four days out.
Change your NuvaRing on the 28th day (every 4 weeks) or on the same day each calendar month, putting the new one in immediately after you remove the old one. There is no increased risk of vaginal infection with Nuvaring use and the ring does not cause weight gain. Continue using NuvaRing according to the schedule on the calendar, regardless of any bleeding. In actual use an average of 8 women out of 100 get pregnant in a year using the NuvaRing as their only form of contraception. Hold it between your thumb and index finger and squeeze the ring until it is long and narrow enough to insert inside your vagina. The Nuvaring will not make it harder to get pregnant or have children in the future -when you stop using the ring your fertility will return very quickly. You can also insert the NuvaRing on the day following a surgical abortion, even though the aftercare instructions might be to not put anything inside the vagina for a week. If you do remove the ring for intercourse, do not leave it out of the vagina for more than 3 hours in any 24-hour period. After the three month "breaking in" period, you should see more regular periods and lighter flow.Sometimes, on Nuva Ring, the flow gets so light that you don't notice anything at all.

If you do not like having irregular spotting, you may want to take a three or four day break every second or third month, which will make it more like having a period. Many women find their periods get lighter and less painful, and this can be helpful with anemia (low iron).
Otherwise, just continue to use the ring, changing every 28-31 days, and the spotting will eventually stop.
If you want to stop using the NuvaRing, talk to someone first to lessen the chance of pregnancy. When you want to remove the ring, hook your finger under the rim or grab it between two fingers and pull it out gently. If you are having trouble reaching the ring, squat down or sit on the toilet, relax your muscles and try again. If you have extra NuvaRings, you can store them at room temperature (25 degrees C) for up to 4 months, but it is best to store them in the refrigerator especially in hot weather.

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