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Difficulties sleeping early pregnancy, pmdd treatment ssri - .

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Work out daily, but only until the early evening (if it comes too close to bedtime it could actually sabotage sleep, since exercise is energizing). Learn why painful leg cramps are more common during pregnancy and how to handle them when you're pregnant.
Find out why you're more likely to snore during pregnancy and how to reduce how much you snore while you're pregnant. Learn why heartburn and indigestion are so common during pregnancy and how to cope with the discomfort while you're pregnant. You keep on telling yourself it's the last opportunity for a long, long time (at least until your baby's sleeping through the night).

Now you know: It's almost as hard to get a good night's sleep during pregnancy as it is when you're a new parent.
You should also mention any sleep problems to your doctor, who might be able to suggest more solutions or even medications that are safe during pregnancy.
In fact, according to a 2014 study, a whopping three in four women experience sleep problems at some point during pregnancy (usually at many points).
Meanwhile, back sleepers also have to search for a new path to slumber, since back sleeping isn't advised past the first trimester: When you lie flat on your back, the weight of your growing uterus presses on your vena cava (the main vein that carries blood back to your heart from your lower body), interfering with circulation.
You're bound to have trouble sleeping at some point during your pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters.

Fill your daily requirement of fluids during the early evening to cut down on bathroom runs after you've hit the hay.

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