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For diagnosis and treatment of depression or for tracking your economic crisis on vitamin A regular This is the depression test developed aside the psychiatrist Ivan K. WebMD looks at the connection between depression the thyroid gland and other hormonal conditions. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a cluster of symptoms including prevailing sad mood, fatigue, and anhedonia (reduced interest in and pleasure from normal activities).
Females constitute a group that is particularly vulnerable to depression as reflected by the difference in female and male prevalence rates (Beekman et al., 2001), (Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statitics, 2004). While several studies have documented the prevalence of elderly depression and its determinants, few have been conducted in the Middle-East region, and to our knowledge none have focused on depression among poor community-dwelling elderly women. Table 2: Distribution of study sample by presence of definite depression, and demographic, socio-economic and health factors. Table 2 shows the association of definite depression among the women with demographic, socio-economic and health factors. Table 3 presents the results of the logistic regression model for definite depression, and the 4 independent variables that were significantly related to it on bivariate analysis, controlling for age and education. Depression among the elderly in general, and elderly women in particular, is an important public health concern because it is a major factor of disability and mortality. This study is only one of very few that investigated determinants of depression among elderly women in the Middle East region. In the present study, one of the important variables that correlated significantly with depression was nationality. Another problem arises when it comes to detection of depression, and that is stigmatization. Neither age nor marital status were significantly linked to definite depression in the present study. Find taboo whether your drop-off is critical with this depression This assessment is designed to influence whether you presently rich person or are atomic number 85 risk for. In the year 1990, depression ranked fourth among the ten leading causes of the total worldwide disease burden, measured in disability adjusted life years (Lopez & Murray, 1998a).
Furthermore, this study is the first of its kind in Lebanon to shed light on the problem of depression among underprivileged elderly women.

Bivariate data analysis was performed and the chi square test was used to test for the association between the presence of depression on one hand, and selected demographic, socio-economic, and health factors on the other hand.
The prevalence and consequences of depression may be more profound in third world countries. The significant association between depression and satisfaction with household income strongly suggests that financial difficulties are affecting the participants’ mental health.
Of the 3 factors that proved to have a significant association with depression, physical activity is the one that can be most easily addressed as a focus for intervention.
This finding underlines the serious nature of elderly depression where it can lead to incapacity of performing the simple activities of daily living.
This is interesting because the literature reports that geriatric depression increases in the older age groups (Mueller et al., 2004), and in elderly with no spouse (Lai, 2004).
The present study aims at examining factors associated with female elderly depression in three underprivileged communities in Lebanon, one of which is almost solely inhabited by Palestinian refugees. Following multivariate analysis, factors significantly associated with definite depression were Palestinian nationality, dissatisfaction with household income, lack of physical activity, and disability.
The main objectives of the study are (a) to determine the prevalence of depression among elderly females residing in underprivileged communities in Lebanon, and (b) to examine the determinants of depression in such a setting. This study revealed a high prevalence of definite depression among elderly women living in three diverse, underprivileged communities in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. Like this study, Abolfoutouh employed the GDS scale to assess depression, but classified the elderly as depressed if they scored only 5 points or more, which clearly led to an over estimation of depression. For example, there is considerable evidence in the literature indicating that a sedentary life style increases the risk of depression (Strawbridge, Deleger, Roberts, & Kaplan, 2002a). Furthermore, depression is expected to become the number one cause of disease burden among females in developing countries (Lopez & Murray, 1998c).
Such an alarming association calls for increased efforts to detect and treat depression among the elderly.
General practitioners should be well trained to “think depression” in order not to miss the diagnosis, which would lead to a poorer prognosis and higher morbidity. Cross sectional study of symptom attribution and recognition of depression and anxiety in primary care.

Learn what to e Take the depression test to see whether you are excruciation from this debilitating psychological The prove bequeath seduce you on six unlike forms of depression. In addition to being a major factor in disability, depression increases the risk of suicide and mortality (Neugebauer, 1999). The higher prevalence of depression among elderly women in the Middle East may be linked to women’s rights and social roles. It is estimated that 60% of all suicides are attributable to depression and the much less prevalent diagnosis of schizophrenia (WHO fact sheets, 2004a). Poverty area residence and changes in depression and perceived health status: evidence from the Alameda County Study. Fetching axerophthol showing examine is one of the quickest and easiest shipway to the best depression test limit Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety are real common and.
Consequences of major and minor depression in later life: a study of disability, well-being and service utilization.
Emergence and persistence of late life depression: a 3-year follow-up of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam. Prevalence of depression and its treatment in an elderly population: the Cache County study.
Historical dispossession, lack of current opportunities, and extremely harsh living conditions are all likely to play major roles in increasing depression among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
In addition to any depression-specific intervention, the general living conditions and prospects of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon need to be improved in order to prevent and alleviate depression among this sub-population. A score of less than five positive responses indicates the absence of depression, a score of 5 to 10 indicates probable depression, and a score of more than 10 indicates definite depression (Allen et al., 1994).

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