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Depression test uk, major depressive disorder with psychotic features - Plans Download

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A new test for depression has been uncovered by researchers, who think it's possible to find physical traces of the signs of mental ill health in the blood.
Women at risk of postnatal depression could be identified, and treated, before birth, according to scientists.
Doctors have identified the first advance blood test to predict postnatal depression, Sky News reports.
Researchers believe the screening test, developed at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, could be used to identify women at risk before they give birth.

Experts hope that the test will be available within two years, with results showing it to be at least 85 per cent accurate in early trials carried out by psychiatrists The test spots two genes in DNA that may signal the onset of the condition, and could provide early warnings of the debilitating sadness, irritability, depression and loss of appetite that affect almost one in five new mothers within weeks of giving birth. Using eye-tracking, they found that women with a past history of depression paid more attention to the angry faces.More importantly, among women with a history of prior depression, those who tended to look the most at the angry faces were at greatest risk for developing depression again over the next two years. Women with a history of depression paid more attention to the angry faces compared with a neutral expression (right). And with happy chemical serotonin usually lacking in the brains of the depressed, it's though a test could quickly work out if a patient is suffering mental distress.

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