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This section will grow as further stories are added and as readers use the comments to describe their own struggles. In this post, Judy tells her compelling story of lifelong depression and PTSD as well as her gradual healing and recovery with the aid of innovative therapies such as hypnosis and EMDR. Every now and then a reader offers insights about his or her own recovery story in the form of a comment on a particular post. Be sure to read Part 1 of this self-help recovery story about the development of Peter’s depression from childhood through the teenage years. Peter told his recovery story as an extended comment recently, and I wanted to give it a more prominent place as another in our ongoing series of personal stories. Julie Hersh wrote two versions of Struck by Living about her struggle with suicidal depression. Every person who has lived with depression has a unique story to tell, and I’ve read or listened to dozens of them since starting this blog.
Next went the sex life and affection.I felt myself spiralling into anxiety and depression rapidly. I only left the hospital about 4 times out on pass because I had wanted to recover and do it without any distractions. John started blogging about his lifelong experience with depression in 2007 at Storied Mind. DISCLAIMER: None of the content on this site should be interpreted as medical or therapeutic advice about the treatment of depression or any mental illness.

In my first encounter with depression, I felt like I was standing at the bottom of a well and slowly sinking.
Through all these episodes of depression, I was surrounded by family and friends who love and care for me. To make a more prominent place for them, we’ve started a series of posts written by folks who have learned how to live well despite depression. Visitors like you have added immeasurably to Storied Mind by contributing hundreds of insightful comments, but they’re hard to find. Background As is the case with many people who live with depression for a number of years, it’s wreaked havoc on my marriage at times, nearly cost me my job and isolated me from friends and family. She ended the first one with her hike to the top of a New Mexico mountain in a symbolic celebration of her recovery. While I was unsuccessfully looking for the right cure for my depression, I neglected personal hygiene, slept in my street clothes, and gained some weight. This section will serve as a more accessible spot for stories about learning to live well again. Jocelyn offered this summary of how she was able to overcome a driving fear that led to depression. Although I had gone through some rough spots here and there, my life was moving along alright overall until depression struck in my mid-forties. Since I met him he was already diagnosed with clinical depression and since there is still little information on how family and lovers feels, react and understand depression, I started a blog to share my experience.

The doctors that worked with me explained I had a disorder called Bi-polar and major depression. At one time, I went into counseling but anyone who has suffered depression will tell you that the treatment is only as good as the counselor who, in this case, is good in giving advice but lacks the listening skills.
They’re listed below, along with several posts describing recovery experiences by well-known figures who have written about their lives with serious illnesses. Instead, I started to appreciate myself for who I was and what I’m doing to recover from depression. His powerful reaction started a chain of psychological reactions that, in his view, created his depression.
While there are still minor issues that I’m able to cope with, I will say that there is life beyond depression and all you need to do is work towards it. For them, it was events in their adult life which they believed contributed to their depression. She had her own issues with ah I don’t know ah mental issues, depression ah as I found out later on in life she was actually on antidepressants as such.

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