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This fact sheet also offers information about treatment options for stroke patients suffering with depression, such as psychotherapy, support groups, and medications. Learn more about the PHQ-9 interactive depression screening tool on the My HealtheVet Web by clicking the RESEARCH HEALTH tab, then MENTAL HEALTH.
Post-stroke depression prevents almost as many stroke patients from returning to work as physical disability.
In order for a person to be clinically depressed, these signs and symptoms have to be present for more than two weeks, without, the presence of drugs in an individual's system. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, male caregivers are less likely to admit to depression and they are more likely to self-treat their symptoms of depression by overworking or consuming alcohol.

This interactive tool can help both providers and site visitors in assessing signs and symptoms of depression.
While this screening tool is not designed to provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of depression, the PHQ-9 screening tool can be a first step in identifying the need to seek help from a qualified physician or mental health provider for a complete assessment and diagnosis, and appropriate treatment for depression.
Although a person may feel these symptoms of depression, it does not mean that they are clinically depressed. It is believed that one in eight young adults and 14.8 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of severe depression. A person who suffers from depression generally has other conditions that surface because of their depression.

It is also important for the caregiver to talk about their negative emotions and for their healthcare provider to acknowledge that feelings of depression are not a sign of personal weakness. Jia's research in stroke and depression have shown that patients with post-stroke depression had longer length of stays, and more impatient and outpatient visits.
Negativity is the middle name for someone who is dealing with depression, because in their mind, there is no solution and life is hopeless.

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