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No matter what a person’s reason for unrolling a yoga mat for the first time – whether it is for weight loss, pain relief, or merely to see what the hype is about – practitioners quickly recognize the stress and anxiety-relieving impact that yoga can have. Whether you sweated your way through 90 minutes of hot power yoga or used props to relax into gentle postures, when you lie down for savasana (corpse pose) at the end of class, you experience what I like to call a full-body sigh of relief.
Yoga’s anxiety-relieving benefits are obvious even after the very first session, but if you stick with a yoga practice regularly (coming to your mat at least once a week), you will likely start to see remarkable physical and mental benefits within only a few weeks. Yoga can be done with an instructor (either in a classroom setting or one-on-one), or by yourself. However, I encourage everyone to take an actual yoga class at a reputable studio at least once. To get started, try out these anxiety-fighting yoga poses or sign up for a class at your local studio today! If you haven’t tried yoga for anxiety and stress, read on to find out why you should seriously consider it.

Yoga classes have cropped up at hospitals, nursing homes and schools across the country, demonstrating that yoga’s benefits are widely recognized and accepted, even within the medical community.
When practicing yoga, you are encouraged to dismiss the thoughts that so often cycle endlessly through our minds, and to instead focus solely on your breath and your body.
We’ve also covered the anxiety-busting effect of exercise, and many forms of yoga certainly fit the bill. Much of the physical work involved in yoga (the asanas) was meant to enable us to engage in a meaningful meditation practice. Marie's lifelong struggle with anxiety led her to discover yoga, as well as her passion in the area of natural health and wellness. Despite its origins within Hinduism, the yoga practiced in this country tends to be mostly secular and focused primarily on the physical aspect of yoga: the asanas, or postures.
A common misperception is that yoga is merely slow stretching, and that it doesn’t actually count as exercise.

Tying your breath to movement during your yoga practice hones this skill, and deep, soothing breaths begin to come easier even during your day-to-day activities. But anyone who’s ever taken a heated yoga class will tell you that this is just not the case for all types of yoga. But learning to breathe your way through discomfort (and learning that you can indeed get through it) is an important life lesson, and again, this is something that we can take from our yoga practice and apply to our everyday lives. Almost all forms of yoga will help to strengthen and tone muscles, and some more vigorous forms, such as vinyasa, power, or “flow” yoga, are actually cardio workouts as well.

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