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Here at Capri Hospital we have been successfully helping women with Postnatal Depression related issues for over 15 years. Postnatal Depression affects about 13% of new mothers and can occur anytime during the first year after childbirth. Once your admission is confirmed, one of our supportive admitting team will help to manage this process for you. Beating the Blues® is the most widely used and evidence-based online CBT treatment programme for depression and anxiety.
7 out of 10 people who have used Beating the Blues® have been able to overcome their depression. Depression is an illness where a person feels low or depressed nearly all of the time for an extended period lasting at least 2-weeks.

Many different things can trigger depression and these can range from trauma or loss, stress, medications, financial pressure, illnesses, loneliness or child birth etc. It is important to note that turning to alcohol and or drugs or just trying to “harden up” more often than not makes depression worse.
Medication is often used to help in all of the depressive spectrum disorders; however medication alone is often not enough.
I had been in a depression for over three months and despite seeing a series of doctors, who each had their own medicinal treatment ideas for me, nothing appeared to work or even be helping me.
The professional way Capri has helped me to integrate back into society is commendable too; they have liaised with my family doctor to ensure my medication was being administered correctly. For more information about treatment for postnatal depression please feel free to talk to one of our admitting staff.

We are very aware of this and will make every effort to help you feel welcome, safe and valued.
Other possible symptoms of depression include a sense of hopelessness often with thoughts of suicide, inability to experience pleasure, irritability, sleep problems and tiredness, low self-esteem, lowered libido, low energy, altered appetite, difficulty concentrating, feeling lonely or empty and anxious. Often people with dysthymia have also met the criteria for a major depressive disorder at some stage in their life and have felt this way for months or years. The World Health Organisation has recently listed Depression as the world’s second leading cause of disability.

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