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When you come to my Toronto Depression Clinic, I will expand on these points with you, according to your particular needs. Most of my Toronto depression healing practice is based on my own experience with depression, which has taught me that depression is not a primary condition.
This Clininc will offer a Comprehensive Assesment and a specialized Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to treatment. Between 30 and 50 per cent of patients with depression will not respond to antidepressant medications, psychotherapy or other treatments.
Electroconvulsive therapy has a good record in the treatment of medication-resistant depression. Depression takes an enormous personal toll on people’s work, their relationships, their self-esteem, their memories and sometimes their reason for living.
Every year, in Toronto, this leaves several Rogers Centres full of patients battling depressive symptoms with little relief.

Remission rates with ECT are between 60 and 80 per cent — making it two to three times as effective as any other treatment for resistant depression.
Despite this complex history, it has persisted because it is by far and away the most effective treatment for resistant and severe forms of depression.
Graduating in Medicine from McGill University and then specializing in Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, Dr. Blumberger is head of the late-life mood disorders clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). That represents several hundred people in Toronto every year, far higher than our city’s homicide rate.
However, ECT is used in only about 1 per cent of patients with medication-resistant depression.

In the next decade, depression is projected to be the costliest medical illnesses in western society.
I have played with it long before I started recommending such practices to my Toronto Depression Clinic clients.

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