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Depression bipolar disorder definition, how to get tinnitus to go away - .

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Someone with bipolar disorder suffers from, and may be disabled by, a chronically unbalanced mood.
Someone experiencing a mixed bipolar episode may feel simultaneously energized and debilitated. He or she may cycle from mania, an excited, hyperactive state to depression, a state of despair, and back again.
A state of mild mania, or hypomania, can be pleasurable and highly productive–some people with bipolar disorder report that they like it.

Someone with bipolar psychosis may hallucinate (perceive products of their own fantasies as real), or experience delusions (believe things to be true that are demonstrably false).
If you find that these contrasting moods predominate your life, please read over this description of common bipolar disorder symptoms: it may help you to determine whether to talk to a doctor about a potentially serious medical condition.
How long someone spends in each mood state varies with the individual; from less than a day at each extreme, for those with rapid-cycling bipolar, to several weeks.
In fact, many people who live with bipolar disorder spend much of their lives symptom-free.

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