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Delayed sleep phase syndrome disability, serotonina - Plans Download

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Often the sleep doctor will order an overnight polysomnogram (sleep study), to detect or to rule out other disorders such as sleep apnea or PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder). The version before that (ICSD-R, 1997) used the name Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, and that has been widely used in the medical literature and in many popular articles and web sites. For people with DSPS, this test should be performed when the patient can sleep normally, which may be later than the lab's usual schedule allows. Some doctors will ask for a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) to be conducted during the patient's day, to evaluate the possibility of narcolepsy.

It is difficult for most people to understand that abnormal sleep hours may be inflexible and out of a person's control. This can help some people get to sleep earlier, but often it does not improve the quality of sleep, and the patient remains tired during the day.
Many people react to the medications and must stop taking them, and some people find them ineffective.Sleep doctors may suggest chronotherapy, delaying the sleep schedule by moving it later and later to go around the clock until the desired sleep time is reached. Also, there is a risk that this treatment may cause the DSPS to progress into non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, which is far more difficult to live with.For many DSPS people, sleeping on a normal schedule may be difficult or impossible and trying to do so only results in sleep deprivation and stress, with all the harmful health effects that can cause.

For those who have or aspire to such jobs, as well as students who are required to attend morning classes, if treatment fails, DSPS is a disability.

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