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Cognitive and physical fatigue can occur separately or together, but most people seem to have more problems with the mental side of fatigue after a brain injury.
Although there are limited long-term studies, some research indicates that fatigue is usually short-lived after most mild TBIs. Most people who have fatigue resulting from brain injury only experience the problem at certain times and not all the time. Depression, anxiety, or stress can also contribute to the degree of a person’s fatigue or, alternatively, may even be the cause of the fatigue. All of these causes, common and less common, should be considered and then ruled out as the sole or contributing cause of a person’s fatigue before considering TBI as the cause. These suggestions are basic common-sense guidelines that clinicians should apply to help people with fatigue after brain injury.
Professionals need to recognise the problem of fatigue post stroke it's debilitating and I feel disabled by it !
I'd be interested to see what research exists on exercise and also nutrition on fatigue after a brain injury.
While I was fighting to get social security disability, the judge looked at the variability of my fatigue levels as reason to assume the problem was not disabling.
Hi I acquired a traumatic brain injury when I was 11 years of age, am 28 now, and suffer quite badly from fatigue. I sustained mtbi in 1994 and 1998 and still feel like a failure because fatigue makes me less able to take care of myself.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, also called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, or CFIDS) is a chronic disorder characterized by several debilitating conditions including severe fatigue. In order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must have severe and chronic fatigue that lasts six months or more, and other medical conditions that could cause the fatigue must be excluded.

There are many other illnesses that are treatable that need to be ruled out to arrive at a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. There are a number of secondary symptoms that are also associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Just like it is difficult to tell if someone is in pain, it is also challenging to know if someone suffers from fatigue unless they tell you so. And in my experience as a physiatrist, fatigue in patients with mild TBI usually lasts no longer than three to six months. Zasler: In the general population, fatigue is a common complaint with some studies citing an incidence of 10 percent. Zasler: The spectrum of fatigue is as broad as the spectrum of traumatic brain injury, itself. After all, the more a person learns about how and when his fatigue manifests itself, the more he can schedule his day around his levels of energy and create strategies to keep symptoms at bay. I sustained a sacral spinal injury and one yr out sustained first of two TBIs where I loss consciousness, developed epilepsy, memory loss, chronic fatigue, etc.
Other symptoms include weakness, impaired memory or concentration, insomnia, muscle pain, and fatigue following exertion that lasts more than 24 hours.
It is possible to have these other conditions and also have CFS; if the conditions are treated and the patient still has chronic fatigue then CFS may be considered as a diagnosis. Many others have symptoms of severe fatigue but do not meet the diagnostic criteria for CFS. People’s levels of fatigue also depend on how much they are pushing themselves physically or cognitively, and whether they are making time to rest periodically during the day and pace themselves.
So, each person’s levels of fatigue, if present, may change over time during their recovery, in terms of both cause and level of severity.

To make a diagnosis, a doctor will first rule out other conditions that have similar symptoms that can be tested for, including mononucleosis, Lyme disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, various cancers, depression, vitamin D deficiency, and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, we don’t have any definitive screening tools for fatigue, so there is no universal way to measure it. There are also many variables when it comes to post-TBI fatigue — from levels of severity to pervasiveness.
Sounds like resting too much can cause fatigue which is what I hoped but maybe I'm reading this as I want to.
I found that modifying my diet and including regular cardio exercise into my daily routine drastically improved my fatigue.
Some people may be very fatigued all the time and others may only be fatigued after mental or physical exertion.
Fatigue is caused by a decrease in physiological reserve, which includes a person’s physical and mental reserves.
They are something to consider for people who don’t seem to be improving with their TBI-related fatigue or when their fatigue is very functionally disabling. The potential for keeping people on long-term drug treatment is certainly present, although to my knowledge this has not been studied in persons with TBI and fatigue. A community-based study of chronic fatigue syndrome Archives of Internal Medicine, 159 (18), pp.

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