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The best way for new parents to cope with exhaustion is to get as much rest as they can, when they can.
Endometriosis can cause severe exhaustion and tiredness and this issue is very common for most sufferers at some time. For most women the only way to escape or cope with the tiredness and exhaustion is to sleep.

ExerciseIt is well known that exercise helps with tiredness and depression because of the release of endorphins by the brain - those hormones responsible for the 'feel good' factor.Undertaking exercise can be really hard for many endo girls due to pain or the pain and exhaustion combination.
Between constant feedings and crying spells, it’s not unusual for new parents to become fatigued and run-down. It is one of the symptoms of the disease that is so often over-looked by doctors.Tiredness with long term illness is a symptom has many causes which can come and go at different times, or for some endometriosis sufferers it can be constant and totally debilitating.

Monitor the fatigue in postpartum women due to their increased likelihood of developing postpartum depression.

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