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By syndrome we mean a collection of difficult, interacting problems (symptoms) that when added together with the pain experience result insignificant suffering and disability. Each year, chronic pain disabilities result in the loss of an estimated 60 million dollars for employees nationwide. As time passes, and pain persists, a few symptoms of the pain syndrome emerge and unless effective action is taken, the pain will transition into a full chronic pain syndrome or long-standing collection of disabling symptoms. Take the example of muscle wasting or "atrophy." It results from inactivity and often increases pain with movement. At Pacifica, we work with you to reduce the symptoms that contribute to chronic pain syndrome. In addition to medications, rest of the painful area, if not entire body, is advised during the acute period of pain experience. Thus, rest, drugs, and surgery can be useful acute interventions in some cases of acute pain. At Pacifica, we consider chronic pain syndromes most effectively treated with safe non-acute methods. Our approach to treating intractable chronic pain syndromes involves methods from rehabilitation.
The Chronic Pain Syndrome is a completely different syndrome, with different mechanisms, and different therapies from Acute Pain.

Untreated chronic pain increases death from a variety of other illnesses (such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer).
Second… you will need to have a team of specialists to construct a treatment regimen that targets the mechanism for your chronic pain. There is hope that you can achieve a radical improvement in your Chronic Pain Syndrome if you follow these basic guidelines. I have compiled several therapies that will help you or a loved one to cope with chronic pain. In the early stages of pain onset, pain is clearly defined and normal medical recommendations forrest,drugs, and sometimessurgerymay be indicated and applied. These symptoms are not only the result of the pain experience but they can actually provoke the pain that created them. Depression, too, can lead to lowered self-esteem resulting in increased pain sensitivity (hyperesthesia).
While pain may persist, once the pain syndrome is managed, our patients report improved functioning and reduced pain awareness.
In some instances, surgical correction is recommended to facilitate the ultimate reduction in pain. However, if these acute methods of medical management fail to "cure" the problem and pain persists, then continuing these acute treatment methods for many months and perhaps years can be harmful.

We are the leading non-narcotic clinic in Northern California, at the cutting edge of healthy pain management. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain has caused changes in your body that can only be reversed through chronic therapy. This "sensitization" to pain is possibly the result of neurological events taking place in the spinal cord and brain. Continuing these methods into the chronic stages of the pain experience can result in the following chronic pain syndrome. The pain is making you grumpy, frustrated, irritated and unable to function and its costing you time off from work. With some chronic pain syndromes even non-painful stimuli can produce a painful experience (allodynia).

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