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Families, mental health specialists, former users, and social workers have tried to answer the question of what causes addiction for decades.
Earlier methodology against substance abuse and addiction adopted the philosophy that drugs hijack the brain. However, Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream, and the Rat Park experiment in the late ‘70s suggest that it is not simply the way drugs chemically compromise the brain that causes addiction, but the environment.
Integrative Addiction InstituteNew Frontiers in integrative addiction treatment!Integrative Addiction Conference! As an extended and powerful influence on the brain, addiction establishes itself in three clear means. As an addiction health practitioner or a physician, it’s really of paramount importance to be able to address all the aspects of addiction- causes, risks, effects, its development in the brain and its treatment.
For so long, addiction has been thought of to be brought about by only alcohol and say, some powerful drugs. Exact causes of addiction are never clearly stated but in there are some common links that can lead to addiction to a particular drug or item.
To start off, through evidence suggested by researchers, genetic susceptibilities and a horde of biological traits provides a link to addiction in the extended family. Finally, anxiety has also proved to be a driving force into addiction as seen in the psychoanalytic theory of addiction.
A common fact with addiction and the brain is that addictive behaviors or substances alter the reward circuits of the brain- in other words, the brain’s response to the addictive substances or behaviors is similar to how the brain responds to very pleasurable or enjoyable experiences. Finally, as a last concern as you learn causes of addiction is to understand the risk factors underlying addiction. Have a nice time as you learn causes of addiction and remember Awaremed’s addiction programs are always comprehensive, fully satisfying and accurate.
I however, have a different spin on it and from my experience, when once already conscious of an addiction being present within the mental framework. You can have several different types of addictions, from drug and alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, eating disorders, Nicotine dependency, coffee, and many more different forms of addictions. Euphoria is the feeling you receive from a substance once ingested and it doesn’t always have to pertain to addiction or chemical dependency.

And though we as a country have spent countless hours, research dollars, and legislative efforts in an attempt to derive an answer or a “cure-all” to drug addiction and abuse, we are no closer to the answer.
As was covered more in-depth in our previous blog “How the Brain becomes Addicted to the Feel-Good Rush of Drugs,” substance abuse triggers an onslaught of dopamine that essentially causes the brain to become physically and psychologically addicted on a neurological level.
In his article, Hari uses the Rat Park experiment to argue that environmental factors and the lack of social support are what causes people to fall into addiction, referencing how the rats that were isolated were more inclined to consume the drugs offered.
Foremost, it leads you into craving for the item of addiction, then pushes you till you lose control over the use of the item and finally, continued involvement with the abused substance despite knowledge of the adverse effects or consequences. Persons with an addiction faces cravings that often persevere even notwithstanding awfully negative consequences. However, with the development of neuroimaging technologies coupled with aggressive research, it has turned out that any activity of pleasure such as gambling, sex, shopping can result in addiction. As a physician, it’s important to be clear every time you attend to your addiction patients. For this reason, most addicts are capable of forsaking very important aspects of their lives and obligations as well as their health in quest of the addictive substance. Two ways are evident in the way addictive substances alter the brain functioning: either they imitate the brain’s traditional messengers or overstimulate the “reward circuit” of the brain or do both. Take an addiction training with them and be sure to learn all the genetics and epigenetics of addiction as we teach a total body and neuroendocrine restoration. You start to see what or how other addictions are present in other people’s lives, and how they and their peers are affected by their addictions. The same obviously goes with addiction and the root cause of why you touched the substance you are addicted too in the first place. Euphoria is a key element of the addictive process, as people crave the pleasurable feelings of the drug or behavior and seek to repeat the experience of euphoria.
These places are called recovery centers or chemical dependency treatment and they specialize in the treatment of drug addiction, dual diagnoses disorders ( Clinical Depression mixed with drug addiction or alcoholism ) , as well as other disorders like gambling addiction, and many others. Early drug addiction research in the 1970s led to the theory that drugs “hijack” the brain and was thought to be a breakthrough discovery.
Using substances would eventually cause a person to seek out drugs until their addiction potentially killed them, and that there was no way to temper this because of how effective drugs hijack the brain.

Indeed, it would seem that there is much more to what causes addiction then simply the act of substance use.
Throughout a craving, the individual undergoing addiction misses the habit-forming drug dreadfully, and often experiences symptoms of withdrawal. As a physician, you should be able to let your patients learn causes of addiction, starting with what drove them into abusing whatever they are addicted to. The only way to prevent addiction, therefore, was to maintain complete abstinence and avoid the chemical “hooks” of drugs. Addiction on a drug or any substance simply enslaves or bounds an individual to that particular item of consumption. Also important, as a physician and health practitioner it’s required of you to already be aware that although we could describe multiple addictions (through standard U.S. Some addictions comfort you and some addictions make you feel horrible when you are not feeding the addiction. However, as we have evolved a more multi-faceted approach to substance abuse and addiction, substance abuse treatment has evolved with it, becoming a much more personal, and personally-tailored experience for each individual struggling with addiction. If you have ever struggled to overcome addiction, —or you have at one point tried to help one suffering from addiction, you should be able to understand what this means. There will never be any one way of approaching what causing addiction, but maybe this best reflects the fact that each person’s struggle with addiction is unique and involves differing circumstances. By having a more versatile perspective of drug addiction, we can have a more flexible substance abuse treatment model of which better meets the needs of the individual seeking sobriety. Substance abuse treatment in Portland, OR should adopt a multi-perspective approach to substance abuse in order to best overcome addiction.
Since then, the perspective toward what causes drug abuse has evolved and more focus is being placed on the social and environmental influences that put people at risk of abusing substances.
But addressing the question of why people abuse substances has only convoluted how we address addiction, changing a one-time singular answer into a myriad of potential answers.

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