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Ringing of the ears is an annoying complaint that many patients discuss with their physicians. Tinnitus can be described as a continuous or intermittent sound in the head similar to ringing, buzzing, or humming.
This may all sound complicated, but the importance of the medical jargon is this— treating a bad bite that causes muscle spasms is all that is needed to reduce or eliminate the ringing sounds aka tinnitus. If you have questions regarding Houston TMJ or Houston TMJ Dentistry, please feel free to contact our office, Ronald W. Houston Cosmetic Dentistry Disclaimer: Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry has provided this website about cosmetic, sedation, and neuromuscular dentistry including dental bonding, porcelain veneers, tooth whitening and TMJ treatment for informational purposes only.
Tinnitus has no cure, and treatments range from relaxation techniques to cope with the associated anxiety, to sound therapy where sufferers are taught to ‘tune out’ the noise. Common ailment: Around five million people in Britain alone suffer with tinnitus at some pint in their livesHe turned to alternative therapies, and even considered surgery to cut his auditory nerve.
In older people, tinnitus is often caused by natural hearing loss, which makes the nerves less sensitive. Contraction or spasm of some of the tensor muscles of the palate and eardrum can cause changes in the Eustachian tube and the rush of air through the tube is what patients often hear. A trivial oversight, it might seem, but one that was to have tragic consequences.The day after the concert Mr McIndoe, 52, a management consultant and father of two from London, complained of a loud ringing in both ears.
But scientists recently announced another weapon.The new treatment is a hand-held ultrasound device that is placed behind the ear for one minute. Exactly how it works is unclear, but developers believe the energy waves stimulate the auditory nerve, which is responsible for detecting sound, and the signals from this nerve ‘distract’ the brain from the tinnitus noises.The hope is that this device will prevent people from suffering in the same way as Robert McIndoe. Finally he went to A&E in early November 2010, where he was prescribed sleeping tablets, and a doctor promised to fax his GP the following day. Other causes include a build-up of ear wax, infection, a perforated ear drum or a head injury.

The survey also found just 35 per cent of GPs provided information leaflets or referred patients to charity websites or self-help groups.‘Thousands of tinnitus patients are being short-changed by their GPs,’ says David Stockdale of the British Tinnitus Association.
Konig notices that patients often do not realize that TMD can cause a host of medical symptoms including tinnitus.
The gadget is held against the skull behind the ear, and then emits a high frequency signal. He visited his GP three times and was referred to King’s College Hospital, London, only to be told they had no tinnitus specialist.
In many cases we can help.’Alex Warn has not been back to see a health professional about his tinnitus for nine years, learning instead to manage his condition using the radio to block out the noise at night, avoiding places with loud background noises such as pubs and parties and wearing ear plugs. Although the word tinnitus comes from the Latin for ‘ringing’, the noise can be a buzz, hum or even a whistle — heard in one ear, both ears or in the middle of the head. Despite his efforts he still struggles socially.He had no idea that sound therapy existed or that relaxation techniques can help to reduce the impact of the tinnitus.
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He was desperate it would never change, and he didn’t know if he could live.’ Tinnitus is caused by damage to the complex auditory pathways in the ears and brain. Normally, sound passes from the outer ear through the middle ear and on to the inner ear, which contains the auditory nerve and the cochlea — a coiled, spiral tube with a large number of sensitive hair cells. But far too many people are being told that there is no cure without being told that we can still help them.‘This approach can be actively harmful.
Not only does it bring an instant feeling of defeatism, if your patient has depressive tendencies it can exacerbate feelings of despair.’ This is a situation that Alexander Warn, 30, an actor and stage technician from Plymouth, knows only too well. He was diagnosed with tinnitus when he was 21 although he’d actually experienced ringing in both ears since he was 16. As the condition grew worse, he was diagnosed with depression and put on antidepressants.‘I don’t think that the tinnitus caused my depression,’ he explains.

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