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It can also be related to inner ear disorders resulting from infection, trauma, loud noise exposure, medications and tumours in the pathway of the auditory nervous system. The remainder of patients will still hear the noise but they get used to this, while a minority (5 per cent) will need medical help to cope. It is a directed counselling therapy and utilises enriched environmental sounds or noise generators to train the brain to adapt to the tinnitus.

Most patients in the acute stage of tinnitus will complain of annoyance, impact on their lifestyle and difficulty coping in quiet environments, especially at night, when the tinnitus sound is magnified due to the absence of ambient noise.
In this group of patients, they hear simple, pure tone sounds such as buzzing, cricket noises or high-pitched sounds or a combination of these. Another group of patients hear repeated tapping noises because of middle ear myoclonus, a condition that results from twitching of the middle ear muscles.

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