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Achy joints muscles and fatigue, chronic fatigue relief - How to DIY

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That water is an essential element needed to survive on earth is a known fact and a few reasons behind this fact are also known to quite a lot of us but a large fraction of the population is still unaware of many lesser-known reasons as to why this plain and simple yet inevitable drink is so instrumental in keeping the human body alive and healthy.
Roughly 60% of the human body consists of water and drinking enough amount of water throughout the day helps maintain the fluidity of the body, thus, transporting nutrients in the body, regulating body temperature, etc. Pimples, acne and clogged pores are every teenager’s nightmare especially because even a small pimple can be seen very prominently on one’s face. Water aids the kidney functions by providing the fluidity that they require to remove and clear away the toxins from the body. Not just for a simple headache, water can help beat that hangover that you’ve got from the previous evening’s booz party and also the pounding headache that came with it.

We may think can beverages and soft drinks filled with sugar and calories can kill our thirst and therefore, replace water in our lives but that’s neither true nor advisable if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.
So make sure that you keep sipping some water in between your workout routines and drink lots of water after gymming.
Apart from curing headaches, hangover, dehydration and fatigue, water can heal aching joints, strains and muscle cramps which too are a result of dehydration.
Well, basically water just makes you feel quite full and thus you end up consuming fewer calories. Water helps reduce the rate of growth of pimples by flushing out the toxins that cause the skin to inflame resulting in clogged pores and acne.

Do yourself a favour, the next time you go and grab that packet of caffeine or buy that expensive coffee from Starbucks to stay awake the entire night to complete your work remember that a mere bottle of mineral water itself is sufficient to that for you.

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