Phillip is also a communication strategist and advisor, specialising in short-term projects including stakeholder consultation, web design, strategic reviews and training for interpersonal business and communication skills. Phillip Jones, the founder of the Schmooze Network will share his expert insights into how to be an effective networker, develop a networking strategy and ensure your networking investment of time and money is targeted, rewarding and aligned to your career and business goals. Join young professionals from around the ACT and learn new communication skills in this relaxed and fun networking event. We mix in a speed networking, interactive communication skills session, some cool tunes and free drinks and canapes to make one great networking comfort zone! The SYPG is the young professional branch of Schmooze and welcomes anyone in their 20's who wants to polish their networking skills and meet the most diverse range of young professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. This is not the time to lose sight of your goals, in fact it is more important than ever that you have your eye on the prize and that goes for your team as well. This session will detail the process of putting together a performance appraisal system and how to link this to your business values, mission and strategic goals for the best possible outcomes for your business.

All young professionals under 30 are invited to be inspired and gain essential interpersonal skills that will make you stand out and shine professionally at this special event presented in association with the SYPG's partner, Randstad. The Darlings, together, have years of experience in fashion, etiquette, movement, public speaking, vintage styling, mixology, events and all those little niceties that turn meh into fwah, humph into verve and life into LIFE! Regardless, it is a common aspect of modern business and if you desire more success professional then you will want to develop some sophisticated networking skills. Louise holds a psychology degree (honors level), post-graduate degrees in instructional design (applied science) and Human Resources, is a qualified NLP practitioner, hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and is a certified and practicing master business and life coach. The aim to provide 'plug and play' knowledge and tactics that can be applied immediately in your professional life. He also delivers workshops on professional networking skills and business mentoring for groups and individuals.
The Live in Canberra program is a key part of the ACT Government’s $51 million long-term strategy to address the local effects of the national skills shortage.

We also run the Canbera Sophisticates Society, bringing old-fashioned glamour and entertainment back into everyday life. Our products are selected for their long life cycle, enabling recyclability and re-usability options. If you want to enhance your contacts and career prospects or polish your networking or interpersonal skills then come along this month and join young professionals from around Canberra at these relaxed networking events.
Contentgroup does this by understanding the unique challenges of each of their clients before applying their knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitude to achieve the best result.

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