Since we don’t arrive with that instruction book, at the very least, God should appear from the heavens with a big megaphone announcing our purpose!
Your intuition continually informs you about your life purpose through things and events that make you happy.
The answer to any of those questions is not necessarily going to evoke instant clarity about either your vocation or your life mission, but it’s a start.
I have a technique I’d like to share with you that will help your unseen helpers communicate with you.
Close your eyes, and imagine that you have a wise being who is your guide, and he or she is sitting in front of you. You may get information about some steps you should begin to take or a new way of thinking about your life. Everything on earth have a purpose and that purpose provides an inner drive that once you tap it can give your life immense fulfilment.
I personally get a deal with thousands of people per year, I meet about 250,000 to 300,000 people per year in my life programs and I hear so much excitement and I also fear about the pace of change.
The purpose of a goal is not what the goal is but, the people we become after achieving it. The first decision is what to focus on, where your focus go will determine what you feel, think and do.
So much of the fear we see in life comes from the fact that most of us feel like they are not in control. Most of us in life are so afraid something is going to happen that we can’t control and we going to have pain, so we try to avoid those things we cannot control. Over the past weeks, months, and (yes) years, I’ve been asking myself (and others!) what my Life Purpose is.
But then I thought about it some more.  And, I ended up reading a section of Joel Osteen’s book titled Every Day a Friday that spoke to me in a very deep way. Hope you update this blog in about 1-2 months and let us know how your daily goals are going! Of course, all the right answers to your biggest issues and concerns would be in that book, too!

Every single person who is living a life they love had to begin by asking themselves these questions.
You are checking in with your inner compass each day and relying on its wisdom to point you in the direction of…more joy, better work, abundance, love and health — your purpose and mission.
Be it in politics, business, technology or any other area, you will find some people whose lives seemed to have been predestined to be great in what they did.
So you need to find something internal, something inside of yourself that no matter what changes on the surface, this part of you does not change.
We all know this is not a new conversation, but because I am your couch on these issues, I would like to draw your attention to certain things that are important.
I am going to the essence of giving your life what it deserves which is knowing that there are no mistakes, knowing that every little thing you do has a consequence. We try to shape our lives, where we spend our time, who we spend our time with, what we do. The search for purpose is age-old, and it compels us to move forward, to learn and to grow.
In lieu of the book or the megaphone, your fabulous inner wisdom — your intuition — is your guide. Take time to sit quietly and calm your mind as best you can so you can feel their presence and invite their help.
Through her work as an intuitive advisor she's helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals.
Some dreamt about what they wanted to do (which they ended up doing anyway) from a young age, some just stumbled upon their path and owned it, became great out of circumstances. These are some of the most significant questions you can answer in your life and if you do, you get experience and get in touch with your innermost being.
It can be a positive consequence of you choose, the things we talk about so often in our lives are the ones have powerful consequences, but I have to say, it is what shapes our lives and decisions.
The second decision that shapes our lives are the decisions that we make of what something means. So it’s important to note that what you can control is not the events of life, but what they mean to you.

Other people are driven by the sense of adventure and they make different decisions in life, they focus more differently. Lissa Coffey, well known for her inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style, brings us Vedanta's Four Yogas, and explores how each one can help us to define our unique purpose. You don’t need to quit your day job right now, but simply begin spending more time doing what you love. Voted “Best Psychic” by Boston Magazine, she’s a bestselling author whose latest book is Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity. One day I wanted to be a doctor, the next a pilot, the other day I wanted to be a teacher and the answers kept on changing depending on what appealed to me that day.
What controls this man’s life is fear and you know people who are pessimistic when they fear, the scream louder saying they are scared. Reach out to make connections with others who might be able to help you with creating your dream, and continue to dream a little bigger with each day. She’s also the author of, LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis and Trust Your Gut.
That’s your purpose because all over sudden, when you find out that your friend had cancer, you turn around and see that 35000 people got laid off or that a company disappeared overnight because a new one was created, it will give you some way to find good and virtually anything.
Until you can find answers to these questions, your life will never be as amazing as you would have hoped it to be.
As we grow in awareness, we seek to know our dharma, to fulfill our purpose, to somehow have our lives make sense in the context of everything that is going on in the world.
Start by taking the quiz to find your dharma, or purpose in life, and start living your life with meaning right now.

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