When I seek Him first and ask what He would have  me do with my life, life is much smoother.
So we were either struggling with not talking about the dream or not being able to keep quiet about the dream. Give your spouse permission to help you and tell you when you are allowing the dream to take over your lives. Oneness is something you continually cultivate through intentional actions and efforts in marriage.
Use the early years of marriage to establish the principle of dreaming together and the rest of your life will flourish. We are so acculturated to swallow what our society has put into our minds about aging that we have no idea what percentage of how we behave is based on how we think we are supposed to behave. The emergence of an awake and aware, wise, and meaning-filled older generation is modeling a rebirth of gentler values, of caring and appreciating, that can reestablish equilibrium and psychological health to our society.
I like being old because “that is what is” for me now and thinking this way gives me the best chance of finishing well and having an old age that will be is as rich as it can be.
Gentler values like being kind and caring beyond ourselves equates with basic healthy well-being. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them. Gloria Steinem, in response to the meant-to-be flattering statement many of us have received, “You certainly don’t look like you’re 40,” said “This is what 40 looks like.” This response is good for any age.

I love my body with all its titanium (two hips and a knee); it is my friend, the only body I’ll ever have so I take care of it. My wife and I constantly have to reset and take a timeout because we have drifted on these 4 things.
Most of the time when she does have a different opinion there’s something there that I need to seriously take a look at and it usually ends with me changing my opinion too!
Even though my husband is very helpful with my writing in giving me critique and helping me discuss ideas, it would be easy to take advantage of him and ask too often. Life is likely to become meaningless and empty for those who can't expand their thinking about what constitutes basic self-worth.
I liked the direct response of one 86-year-old woman contemplating what gives her life meaning. 102–113) effectively reversed the biological age of a group of elderly men over 75 years old by systematically taking them back to a time when they saw themselves as young and vital… asking them to talk, act, dress, and behave as they did in their mid-fifties. Realize that it takes many people doing small things to make up a much greater force of caring.
She said, “I try to take care of myself, keep myself alive, and tend to the little flock of people I care about.” On further inquiry I found she did just that.
They went to a country retreat for a week to participate in activities similar to what they would have experienced at that age. Follow your bliss speaks to taking action versus simply appreciating little bursts of grace that just happen.

Once you recognize what it is that makes you feel vibrantly alive, you can use this awareness as a source of guidance in your life. Such moments may be sustained or fleeting but they allow you to witness what bliss is for you, to understand yourself a little better. When your wife walks up or down the stairs or when she gets in or out of the car, show enough consideration for her to reach out and take her by the hand and help her. It doesn’t take long for you to make a quick phone call, but that moment of consideration means a lot to your wifebecause it communicates to her how much you value her. So take a few minutes every so often to write a little note or card and leave it for your wife to find. It may be difficult for her to hear what you have to say, but at least she will know you are being honest with her.
If she discovers you have been lying to her, this will result in a far greater hurt than if you honestly admit to her what you have done wrong. 9. Men who consistently forget these twoimportant dates and yet expect their marriage relationship to stay healthy are either ignorant or stupid. I am a godly example of what a husband ought tobe, and my actions give a great sense of worth to the wife whom Jesus has given to me. I DECLARE THIS BY FAITH IN JESUS' NAME!   1.

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