And if they are asked to do a little extra work for free, they act like martyrs who are doing something extremelysacrificial! If you’re going to do something mighty for God, you have to throw yourself into the call of God and do what is needed, regardless of whether or not it is convenient to you.
The fact is, doing what God has called us to do must be paramount in our lives — more important than any comfort or pleasure.
Like the examples we see in the lives of Jesus and the apostle Paul, we must be willing to do anything required or go to any length to do exactly what God has assigned to us. Of course God wants His people to be blessed! And if he’s asked to do a little more than what is usually asked of him, he shouldn’t start griping that the extra task is not a part of his job description. When a person does that, we can know that this is someone who will not do something mighty for God — at least not until he makes anadjustment in his attitude! To push the forces of hell out of the way, you have to be more determined than hell itself. And when these two words are joined together, they depict a very powerful picture! Imagine an archer who takes his bow and arrows to the field for target practice.

This pictures the meaning of the Greek word huperballo. Paul’s use of this word tells us that he was beaten way beyond the range of what we could even begin to imagine. But Paul never allowed even these acts of physical brutality to affect his commitment to the task God had given him. You must be more determined than the forces that will try to come against you. But I do pray that you make up your mind to be tougher than anything the devil ever tries to throw in your direction. But if going to jail meant that Paul would accomplish his apostolic calling along the way, that was what he was willing to do.
Paul was ready to undergo any inconvenience, pay any price, and go to all lengths to do what God had commissioned him to do. When he wrote, “…I die daily,” he actually meant, “I am constantly confronted with the prospect of death.” Paul faced death so often that he learned how to face it bravely.

But rather than run and hide from imminent danger, he faced it bravely and kept moving forward to do what he was called to do. Had Paul been less committed, it would have taken only a few of these difficult experiences to knock him out of the race.
If you choose to take advantage of the power that is available to you, the Spirit of God will energize and lift you to a place of victory over any obstacle the devil tries to throw in your way. If you’ll yield to that power, it will supernaturally quicken you to overcome every time! So throw open your arms of faith and embrace the Spirit’s power to overcome each attack the devil has tried to orchestrate against you. If you’ll embrace that power, it will begin to flood you with everything you need to survive and to gloriously succeed in your task! Make the decision to let it startflowing today! Lord, I thank You that because Your Spirit lives in me, I have everything I need to overcome any attack the devil would try to orchestrate against me.

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