For 2014, professionals in the Middle East region are quite clear about their priorities:  they want a better work-life balance. Companies can’t ignore the fact that maintaining a good work-life balance has become increasingly important in today’s workplace. As professionals in today’s workplace spend the best part of their average day at work, employers should recognise the need to invest in perks and schemes that promote a good work-life balance among their team. Managers should be the ones who set examples of a good work-life balance and realise the importance of achieving this balance and its effect on overall employee morale.
Surveys of employees’ work-life issues can help a company better understand their team’s needs and design appropriate policies to meet them.
Such workshops teach employees how to better manage their workloads, eliminate unproductive work habits, get sufficient exercise, and negotiate more flexible work conditions that meet their needs.

Achieving a good work-life balance for your employees could be as simple as altering their work arrangements by enabling more flexibility.
Telecommuting is a way for employees to work from home, which cuts down on stress and unproductive time due to a commute.
The line between work and home lives tends to blur when employees regularly take work home. In fact, it has been proved that companies that encourage a healthy lifestyle and accommodate different priorities are more likely to see improved motivation and loyalty levels among their employees than those that do not. Also, as more and more professionals seek a better work-life balance, companies are required to adopt more flexible policies to accommodate these shifting priorities. These arrangements could include a work-from-home arrangement, a flextime arrangement with same hours, a flextime arrangement with fewer hours, a year-long sabbatical, a few weeks of unpaid leave, or a part-time work arrangement.

This practice should be monitored by managers, who should also develop plans for making sure that work gets done at the office instead of at home. If the overtime is chronic, talk to your team and suggest an alternative solution they would be happy with.

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