When it’s too cold, too hot, or just too wet outside, you might have difficulty taking your dog out for the exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged.
Fortunately, there are ways that you can make sure your dog stays active, even when they’re cooped up inside because of the weather.
A good fierce game of tug-of war can get your dog’s heart rate up and strengthen your own arms! If you don’t have a food puzzle toy, you can still challenge your dog by hiding some of their favorite treats in locations around your home, encouraging them to work for their snacks.
Just because your dog is cooped up, doesn’t mean they can’t have fun indoors with other dogs.

Like food puzzle games, new skills are a great way to help your dog expend some mental and physical energy.
If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, the pent-up energy can result in boredom or even behavioral problems. Invest in food puzzle toys that make dinner time more challenging and engaging for your pup.
If you need some help, look up training videos online to teach you and your pup how to master the trick. Trigger your dog to come search for you with the command “come,” and call it repeatedly to help them search you out.

The toys make accessing food more difficult, slowing down the eating process and forcing your dog to exert mental and physical energy as they eat.
If your dog is familiar with the command “find it,” you can keep your dog in a single room while you hide an object and then instruct them to find it.

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