From as early as I can remember I have LOVED my sleep and I did not let anything interfere with my sleep time. The early hours of the morning is so peaceful and quiet, you are alert and productive unlike in the evenings.
If your little one gets out of bed early, your plan will be to send them back to bed or get them involved in something else.

Now that you have defined your purpose and have informed your family, click on next page to read the remaining eight tips on what you need to do to wake up early.
After analyzing 124,517 American adults' sleep and work habits, as recorded in the American Time Use Surveys from 2003 to 2011, he and his colleagues determined all you need is to start your day later, or at least make the start time more flexible. Clearly, flexible schedules could make people feel better at work, though not everyone's convinced of their merit.

I even asked God to help in waking up early which he did but I still couldn’t get out of bed.

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