With millions of visitors from all corners of the globe flocking to the city every year, Barcelona is no stranger to catering to different tastes. At Biocenter all of your meals are prepared with 100% natural ingredients and are made with the freshest organically farmed products in Barcelona.
Teresa Carles is hidden treasure and a favorite among those enjoying the nightlife in Barcelona.
The kitchen is run by a talented Argentine chef who loves to chat with customers before the bar crowd arrives.

Our top picks include the delicious mushroom croquettes, the asparagus and cheese lasagna, and the Spanish tart marinated in Guinness. From gazpacho (a tomato-based soup with vegetables that is traditionally served cold), to hummus, to Indian curries, Juicy Jones provides a great selection of dishes for a flavorsome vegetarian experience! Your dinner at Biocenter will come accompanied by jazz music and a laid-back atmosphere, giving you the perfect setting for a relaxing dinner in Barcelona.
With large portions at affordable prices, Teresa Carles offers sophisticated vegetarian dishes, ranging from homemade gazpacho, to an avocado and pumpkin salad, to a risotto so tasty it could easily convert even the most steak-loving carnivore to veggie.

Also offering fresh juices, fries and a salad bar, Maoz prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients. Vegetarian or not, this is a popular chain that serves up a quick and healthy alternative in the Catalan capital.

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