Spain’s second largest city may be a little too cosmopolitan to many Spanish people but to those who come from other parts of the world, Barcelona (or BCN) is a dream sunny destination with a fantastic art and gastronomy scene. Like most Spanish people, Barcelonians love their celebrations so it’s no surprise that the city holds many festivals throughout the year.
If you have any tips or suggestions on how to make a vacation in Barcelona even more memorable, we’d love to hear from you.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Barcelona, it’s that the city is basically like a one massive tribute to the late Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect and figurehead of Catalan architecture modernism. From its amazing gastronomy scene, awe-inspiring art, and eclectic architecture to its sparkling beaches and scenic mountain spots, it’s almost as if the city was built to cater to anyone and everyone, no matter where their interests lie, making it everybody’s ultimate destination.

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