I also plan to use this post to keep track of my workouts since a bunch of people said they missed my weekly schedule that I removed from my blog. That sounds like a great training plan I will be looking forward to reading how you feel it compares to the other training plans you’ve done. I came across your blog through Healthworks’ FB post and really like your marathon training posts! As someone who is looking to lose weight and isn’t really sure where to start this makes running seem a lot less scary and impossible to achieve. My Running page has all sorts of information about long runs, fueling, motivation, gear, and recaps of the five half marathons that I’ve run to date. Smart Coach is great because you can personalize a training program to meet your own running goals. Keeping track of my workouts here will also help keep me on track with my half marathon training, so it’s a win-win!

I’ve been in a running funk lately and this is making it so much easier and less stressful than trying to formulate my own routine. I love smart coach, and I bet posting and tracking this on your blog will keep you very accountable. I noticed that you include many other workouts in your weekly training routine (yoga, body pump, etc.).
I just had a baby by cesarean 7 weeks ago and was just cleared for exercise so I am excited about easing back into running after 8 months of laziness! I just posted on Facebook if anyone had any tips for me because I hate to run and wanted to start running because of how great of a workout, in itself, it is!
I will start your exercise program today and hopefully, in 6 weeks time I can achieve my goal. If you’re thinking about running a half marathon (or already have one on your calendar), it’s a fantastic tool!

I like looking at other people’s running plans to see how they schedule their training. I just started exercising again yesterday and I was planning on strength training every other day and walking in between. I am wondering if those other workouts are suggested or if a training program consisting solely of running is acceptable.
This is a great way to start and I feel like it is really do able for me (which is saying a lot) ill keep you updated on my progress and keep me updated on yours! But realistically I know this is a lifestyle change for myself and that’s why I’m so happy to find your running program because maybe it will be the one I can stick to!

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