Recently, I introduced two enduring inspirations and guides to our frugal lifestyle, Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, and Amy Dacyczyn’s newsletter, The Tightwad Gazette, both of which have a place in our Homestead Reference Library. From 1991 to 1996 she published a newsletter about frugal living called The Tightwad Gazette. The newsletters have been compiled into three thick volumes of about 300 pages each.   And you can bet your thrifty dollar I borrowed them from the library, my fellow frugality fiends! Amy received letters from readers who followed the principles and found they really do work. Jennifer Houghton is a yoga & fitness teacher, blogger, and green homesteader living in the British Columbia mountains. I used to be a subscriber to the Tightwad Gazette, when it was a newsletter, and I LOVED it. I was one of those subscribers to her newsletter and am proud to say I have everyone of them stored safely. I’m not sure if being frugal is more fun than being rich because, well, I’ve never had the opportunity to be rich!

I have spent most of this week playing in the snow and enjoying being snowed in with my family.
Each week I will be sharing some of the most clicked on  blog posts so make sure you share about this link up party on your social media! Remember I also pin every one of the blog posts on my this pinterest board for extra exposure! Thank you so much for having this great blog link up party and for featuring my post On Cranberries Healing Powers. The Tightwad Gazette’s breakdown of the cost for a family of four using cloth napkins vs. I stumbled upon the Tightwad Gazette many years ago at the library and I do think it helped change my thinking and propel me toward frugality. Now more than ever it is so important for us to live more frugally and to respect the environment. Her newsletter, The Tightwad Gazette, offered her thoughts and strategies on frugality, and shared readers’ hints and tips as well.

I grew up with parents that were not always super thrifty.They bought brand name everything and both of my parents worked very hard to maintain the ability to be able to go and buy what they wanted. It is funny how as an adult it is so easy to forget the simplest of joys.But lucky for me this week brought back those simple little joys! My kids have picked them up and have read them over the years, and I’m sure those books are part of the reason that my kids live frugally and don’t feel sorry for themselves for doing so! While this worked for them , when I grew up and became a mom it was hard for me to know how to live on a budget. I wanted to stay home and raise my kids, homeschool them, and not have to work outside of the home. I think every teenager should have to learn at least some of the information she teaches you!

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