They can manifest themselves as anger, anxiety, depression, inability to accomplish things, feeling “not-good-enough”, addictive behavior, self sabotage… The list goes on and on. You will keep on replaying the patterns of trouble over and over again, recreating the same troublesome reality day in and day out. Her friend’s dog is the most harmless creature in the world, and yet, she could never dare to pet it.

Unless she goes through the process of “unconditioning”, she will suffer from her fear for the rest of her life. The example presented above shows how easily you can become subconsciously conditioned.
In most cases, however, the process of mind conditioning takes a long time. It takes a long time for a parent to subconsciously condition his daughter into believing that she’s “math-stupid”.
The father of my seventeen-year old client has accomplished just that by calling his daughter “stupid” while tutoring her in math.

It took twelve sessions of hypnotic perception modification to enable her to perceive herself as smart and capable.

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