My perfect breakfast burrito would involve eggs, bacon, avocado, potatoes, cheese, onions, bell pepper, and green salsa. May 16, 2015 14 CommentsCalifornia Breakfast Burritos – filled with french fries, ham, bacon, eggs, cheese and topped with homemade salsa.
One of the things that we miss from living in San Diego, besides the amazing beaches, is a good California breakfast burrito. The burrito returned to my life a week or so ago when the grind of peak mileage and midterms was setting in.
Warm corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa and hot sauce where the answers to my calling.
Once the tortilla is flipped to the second side, add the sliced of cheese and place the eggs on top to melt the cheese thoroughly.

As a California native (and resident), I would eat this burrito up right out of my screen if I could!
They are not your fanciest food joints, but they sure know how to make some good food that hits the spot. To add to the pressures of exams, when I discovered all of my tortillas had split in two, I was not amused. Cali Breakfast burritos from the local taco shops are sooo good, specially grabbing one or two to-go on those super late nights, yum! Unwilling to give up on my new obsession, the wraps turned into more of a taco shaped wrap, hence the ridiculous looking “wraps” in the pictures. One of the first things Jerry wanted to get his hands on when we flew back to visit San Diego after moving to NC was a California Breakfast burrito, no surprise there. The french fries and the side salsa  is what makes this burrito so scrumptiously delicious!

In this case it should be named the lunch burrito as it hasn’t replaced my morning toast routine.
And, as the awesome girlfriend that I am, I decided to create a cleaner version (of course) of the Cali Breakfast Burrito and it’s Jerry APPROVED. There are different variations of the California breakfast burrito out there that include guacamole and sour cream.
To make these breakfast burritos I like using egg whites instead of whole eggs, one strip of bacon (or turkey bacon) and some ham and cheese.

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