For those who love working with children, studying Early Childhood Education (ECE) may be the perfect career path.
Early Childhood Educators take on the responsibility of caring for and nurturing children in a safe and secure environment, using guiding techniques to improve the child’s self-control, self-confidence and self esteem and lead the child to be independent and believe in themselves. The work is as demanding as it is rewarding, but Kiafar advises students and grads not to get discouraged by the challenges.

Kiafar describes the ideal candidate for a career in ECE as someone who is “patient, flexible, energetic, easy-going and positive with a warm personality.” She also stresses that ECEs need to open-minded and open to new ideas. Pre-kindgarten programs have become increasingly popular, which means Early Childhood Educators have more opportunities than ever to find employment. The growing awareness of the importance of pre-kindergarten socialization and learning has led to an increase in the number of children that are enrolled in these kinds of programs.

Graduates can start their careers in daycare centres, pre-schools, kindergartens, specialty schools (such as Montessori or religious schools), elementary school programs, gifted or disabled student programs or graduates can open their own private day care centres.

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