Join Mindfulness Meditation Art every Saturday to release stress and cultivate your creative identity. Charlene Richard, a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, reports that one of the best ways to achieve mindfulness is by attaching it to something you do routinely.
The key to mindfulness involves recognizing the small moments during the day that grab your senses and make you feel a sense of pleasure.
Whether you are standing in line at the coffee shop or sitting in traffic, use this as an opportunity to practice. Once you get into the practice of achieving mindfulness, you’ll find it easy to achieve this state and you’ll also notice an improvement in your overall health and well-being. Mindful presence allows us to experience the depth and realness of the moment without prejudgments. In simple terms, mindfulness is the process of staying open and attentive to what is going on in the present.

In a world where we are constantly on autopilot, practicing mindfulness meditation throughout the day provides the perfect opportunity to gain the rewards of mindfulness.
These mindless moments are often frustrating, but taking the time to slowly breathe in and out can make everything better. By practicing mindfulness and meditation, in whatever capacity, we can find balance and clarity in ourselves and others.
Instead of letting your life pass you by, you are living in the moment and truly awake to the experiences going on around you. For example, if you are eating, smell and look over the food, taking the time to truly enjoy its shape, color, and texture. Various studies have found that mindfulness can have a profound effect on your health and wellness.
However, taking the time to concentrate on breathing in and out can immediately cause your mind to snap back to attention.

The four or five times a day she does this, she takes the time to take a few deep breathes, while tuning into what it feels like to put the lip balm on and focusing on its texture and smell. From decreasing your stress level to increasing self-awareness and body awareness to helping you regulate your emotions and attention levels, the benefits are endless. Pay careful attention to all the little details that you normally don’t give a second thought to.

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