These 3 exercises that I am sharing with you today get to the core of low confidence and low self-esteem. The first two techniques I describe here are great ways to discover and remove the negative thoughts about yourself that are dragging your confidence down. My favorite way to tackle low self-confidence was introduced to me by a life coach in Atlanta. I like to use also a technique goes kind of like this: You must imagine yourself having accomplished your most important goal, and being successful. With regards to awareness, by not just being self aware, but aware of the environment around you can get your out of your head, which is a big factor in self-conscious behaviour.

My view of confidence is that it occurs as a result of doing something you value as important.
I realise there are techniques like in NLP you have things like circle of excellence & creating anchors. Unlike other superficial techniques, they increase your confidence in a deep and lasting way.
The last technique is a great way to bring your confidence up by creating new beliefs about yourself. What I have seen using similar techniques is that people tend to be able to express many negatives or dislikes about themselves, but when you ask them the positives or in your case What you are great… then they may only write a few.

So if I was to choose a technique it would be around the area of self talk and seeing the world in a way that you can see opportunity every day and a bias for acting. If you want to build deep and lasting confidence, you might consider working with a life coach.

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