This booklet titled, Sufi Spiritual Techniques is made available in this post as PDF download and I am quoting a small section from this book that provide a general introduction to Sufi Meditation practice.
The first meditation is called the Faith of Vision, and the second is called the Faith of Reality. The seeker who aspires to perform the second meditation should withdraw to a lonely place apart from people and cleanse himself.

In this meditation, it is necessary to picture oneself turned towards God from all directions. According to Naqshbandi Path, there are six foundations such as: Repetition of Divine Name (Zikr), Meditation (Murakebe), Heart Consciousness, Keeping Contact, Bond of Love and Conversation with the Sheikh (Sohbet).
If this meditation takes root with him, the seeker whoever he may be, becomes aware of the Perfection of God.

It mentions various spiritual exercises which are mostly taken from Persian manuscripts of the 15th and 16th centuries, the translation of which into Turkish became very popular during the 19th century and had a fresh vogue after the partial relaxation of restrictions upon the practice of Sufism in Turkey after the death of Kemal Ataturk.

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